DRAGONFLY COLLECTOR is the solo project of award winning Filipino singer-songwriter simply known as Clementine. Born Clemen Castro in Bulacan, he celebrated his 10th year as a professional recording artist with the release of his first solo album, The World is Your Oyster, hailed by music peers and critics of one of the best album of 2015. After a decade as the creative force behind commercially popular Orange and Lemons (1999-2007) that reached gold and platinum sales in the Philippines, and critically acclaimed indie group, The Camerawalls (2008-present) he has professionally recorded and published over 50 original compositions.

Raised in a musical household thanks to his folk guitar and rondalla-teaching father, Clementine was weaned on The Beatles and British New Wave/Guitar Pop influences including The Smiths, XTC, The Jam, and indie pop groups like Belle & Sebastian. Recently, the indie folk sounds of American bands like The Decemberists and Fleet Foxes have left their mark on Clementine’s ear and stylings.

With Dragonfly Collector, a name originally used for his personal blog of musings, travels and poetry, Clementine seeks to express all sides of himself, from sinister to hopeful, woeful to optimistic.

Beyond writing and performing his own music, Clementine is a record producer and owner of Lilystars Records, Manila’s finest indie pop label since 2008, nurturing new musical talents from obscurity to success.

The Beatles, The Smiths, Morrissey, John Lennon, George Harrisson, Johnny Marr, Belle & Sebastian, XTC, The Jam, Paul Weller, The Pale Fountains, The Decemberists, Fleet Foxes, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Guitar Pop, New Wave, Brit Pop.

2015 The World Is Your Oyster – Dragonfly Collector [Lilystars Records]
2013 There Is No Remaining In Place – Dragonfly Collector [Lilystars Records]

2010 Bread and Circuses – The Camerawalls [Lilystars Records]
2008 Pocket Guide To The Otherworld – The Camerawalls [Lilystars Records]
2007 Moonlane Gardens – Orange & Lemons [Universal Records]
2005 Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot – Orange & Lemons [Universal Records]
2003 Love In The Land of Rubber Shoes and Dirty Ice Cream – Orange & Lemons [Terno Recordings]

2017 Boys In The Backroom – The Camerawalls [Lilystars Records]
2012 Wanderlust – The Camerawalls [Liystars Records]
2010 The Sight of Love – The Camerawalls [Lilystars Records]

2013 Semi-Finalist International Songwriting Competition [There Is No Remaining In Place]
2011 Grand Prize Winner – John Lennon Songwriting Contest [Birthday Wishes]
2010 Semi-Finalist – International Songwriting Competition [Bread and Circuses]
2007 Album of the Year – NU107 Rock Awards [Moonlane Gardens – Orange & Lemons]
2006 Gintong Kabataan Awardee – Malolos Capitol
2006 Gawad Dangal ng Baliwag (Para sa Natatanging Kabataan) – Baliwag Tourism
2005 Platinum Record Award [Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot – Orange & Lemons]
2004 Best New Artist – NU Rock Awards [Orange & Lemons]