Listed at #1: Pinoytuner’s “Top 15 Local Releases From 2015”

March 4, 2016 | Excerpt from


An obligatory preamble for these kinds of things: lists, apart from being subjective, are dependent on several other factors. One, though we consume tons of music, we haven’t really heard everything that was put out in the past year; two, both your authors are performing musicians who get to meet and socialize with fellow performers, and though our critical bones remain jointed and intact, you can take that into account; three, well, nothing. We like what we like, you like what you like, and so on. Also, a note on the delay: apart from the ever-looming ghost of procrastination, we also did launch a new site. (What the hell, why are we even explaining this shit?) 2015 is certainly another strong year for indie, but we cannot shrug off the potency of a handful of mainstream releases. After all, merits are merits whoever the players are. We’ve marked each mini-review—done with hindsight, for sure—with our initials, for whatever it’s worth.

1. Dragonfly Collector: The World is Your Oyster

An ambitious release that is a virtual museum of forms and textures. I cannot sing enough praises for Clem Castro’s solo debut. It is majestic, sprawling, performed beautifully at every turn, and mixed like a dream. Damn it, Clem. (AS)

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