Meat Is Murder

And I did.

It was a gift from an estranged friend from Europe about five years ago with a print of my all time favorite Smiths album. Donning it never fails to twig my bearings.

Had an interesting day. After a 6 hour desk job I visited a couple of Powerbooks stores to check on inventory and record sales. I took the train to Ortigas Avenue. As I alighted at my stop, a young skinny fella called my name, introduced himself as a fan of my music and scurried along motioning the time. He works in a call center (night shift) which is precisely the reason why he unfortunately declined my invite to our EP launch. He ended our exchange with parting words that translate to “please continue making music that inspires“. Heartwarming.

Later in the evening I picked up tickets to The Camerawalls EP Launch to distribute to friends from Bulacan and Manila who directly ordered from me. If you are interested in one click HERE or HERE for more details.

Fresh tickets for friends who made reservations.

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