The Toughness and Intestinal Fortitude of Being Poor in Manila

This is something I’d like to try for a day. You gotta love and hate us Filipinos at the same time for our conflicting attitudes in life. This is also one of the reasons I am Pro-Reproductive Health bill. To scums and thieves in the government, take a good look at our people as seen on international TV. The billions you steal can help educate and improve the lives of millions of our countrymen. As for the poor, it is never too late to to learn and improve our lives by changing our mindsets. To lead a better and simple life is like driving a jeep, we just have to make a few good turns or follow the road less traveled. It is in the knowing and wanting.

4 Responses to “The Toughness and Intestinal Fortitude of Being Poor in Manila”

  1. CC

    hmmm,,,Why are you Pro-Reproductive Health bill Clementine? Will you please elaborate your reasons?

  2. Dito Lumalabo

    Sir, why don’t you try to use the Filipino Language for a change? Maybe more filipinos will appreciate the message you are trying to tell.

  3. bo4610

    Clem thanks for posting this I must agree with what George Harrison always says in the Yellow Submarine “It’s all in the mind” yes indeed everything starts in the mind. Bilang pinoy ay nakalulungot para sa akin makita ang marami, napakarami I should say na mga kababayan na lubog sa kahirapan when there are lots of opportunities sa ating bayan para umunlad,,, sa aking pananaw ay dahil sa maling sistema ng edukasyon ay alam na natin,,, ang nakalulungkot na korapsyon. Just some weeks ago my wife and I were buying a cough syrup kasi may sakit sya I never really care about receipts but when I glanced to it I saw the 12% tax that we just paid by buying the medicine,, I was like “how much does the government had already taken from me since the day I know how to make and spend money,, and how many of us had been taxed!? Don’t get me wrong I would love to pay tax of course for this is my obligation to my country, pero nasaan ang binabayaran natin?? sa bulsa nila???” I exclaimed that because just a few days before that I saw Kara David’s documentary titled “uhaw na paraiso” I hope the title was right. anyways well yeah man, you got what I mean.


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