Charcoal Portrait Study #1

Potrait Study in Charcoal - 2007

I was once an apprentice to my grandfather who happens to be a still-life painter. Spending high school summer days visiting his gallery, admiring his collection of works, books and clippings. Reading classic pinoy Komiks on his front porch in between drawing sessions.

I started with charcoal as a medium copying from books (eyes, ears, faces, hands) and copying from life (jars, baskets, hats, fruits). I manage to progress to black and white watercolor. I can still remember the last one I painted and definitely the most difficult – a large B&W watercolor version of the Pieta (which I later on donated to our classroom during senior high). I lost most of my works and I can’t remember where they are. I also lost my interest in drawing and failed to move on to color and oil painting due to my love for music. I was already in a band that time.

The study above, drawn sometime in 2007, is an attempt after more than 10 years to rekindle my passion for visual arts. And yet, I failed to finish and follow through. I was distracted with my musical endeavors among other things. I do hope to pick up my pencils and brushes once again. Maybe soon.


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