Thanks clementot… this just inspired me today on continuing on with my pending blogs. Can’t hardly wait to hear more… unfolding the awesome experience and excitement of the travelling “dragonfly collector”
btw, i was shocked to see myself here with my unglamourous pouty “duck face” or my signature “goldfish look” hahahaha. It was cute! How sweet of you hahahaha. I thought you were just taking photo of that steamy stainless bowl of goodness infront of me. :P

I’m glad you liked the book and all that i’m pretty sure you’ll love it more once you started reading it SOON.. i’m very pleased and i won’t ever think
twice to be your tour guide on your next visit here… it seems that i was the one being toured around coz you simply know the places better than i did. {Me and my silly directions hahahaha}

We enjoyed every minute, every second and each moment you were with us… and honestly youre already being missed here.

Until our next adventure :)
with our happy giggling self…ies LOL
it’s way more fun when your around :P