music video launch and sneak preview

We wish to make it a bit personal and share our excitement for this project. We are inviting you to be part of this experience and assist us in spreading the music and the awesome work and contribution of everyone behind the making of this music video. Watch the trailer below by 57 Studios Manila.

On February 15, at noontime we shall publish the final cut of THERE IS NO REMAINING IN PLACE. The debut single for my upcoming album THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER.

We would love for you to share the news about it, and upon release, further share the link of the music video to your social network with the hashtag #DRAGONFLYCOLLECTOR. Join us in the online event on Facebook HERE.

A sneak preview will happen tonight during my acoustic New Wave Valentine gig at Nomixx Bar (Visayas Ave) with The Gentle Isolation. Click HERE for details.

Love Me Simple

The single is still available for FREE DOWNLOAD by signing up to my official mailing list:

Peace and Love and everything in between,


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