the world is your oyster: AccessPass updates


So I’ve recently launch a Pledge / Pre-Order campaign on PledgeMusic for my new album [View Here] and I’m thankful  for early pledgers who are quick to participate. As a reward I have given them access to the following exclusive updates:

AccessPass Update #1
FREE DOWNLOAD: Clementine Playlist (10 Song Collection)

My initial treat to dear pledgers. A FREE copy of the 10-song playlist uploaded in my Artist profile page. A collection of songs I wrote, recorded and released in the past during my active years with Orange and Lemons and The Camerawalls, including my recently released debut single for Dragonfly Collector.

Available for download are the following tracks:
1. There Is No Remaining In Place – Dragonfly Collector
2. Bread and Circuses – The Camerawalls
3. Birthday Wishes – The Camerawalls
4. My Life’s Arithmetic Means – The Camerawalls
5. Clinically Dead For 16 Hours – The Camerawalls
6. Solitary North Star – The Camerawalls
7. Eleven Minutes – Orange and Lemons
8. Ode To Love – Orange and Lemons
9. Cycle Of Love – Orange and Lemons
10. It’s About Time – Orange and Lemons

AccessPass Update #2
The World Is Your Oyster (Working Tracklist)

To start the ball rolling, I have divulged my working track list for the album. It is essential to note that nothing is final in terms of sequence, titles and song choices. A writing inspiration may hit me anytime leading me to bump some songs off the list.

To download the FREE tracks and View my working tracklist under the Updates tab, Sign In or Pre-Order to access content.

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