Jonathan Ong on The World Is Your Oyster

Jonathan Ong is a multi-awarded Producer, Songwriter, and Sound Engineer. He is the owner of Sonic State Audio Studio in Mandaluyong City where high quality and award winning albums and recordings from various artists are born. I had the pleasure of working with him in the following Albums/EP/Singles as my trusted producer and engineer:

Moonlane Gardens – Orange & Lemons (2007)
Pocket Guide To The Otherworld – The Camerawalls (2008)
The Sight Of Love – The Camerawalls (2010)
Bread and Circuses – The Camerawalls (2010)
Wanderlust – The Camerawalls (2012)
There Is No Remaining In Place – Dragonfly Collector (2013)

Now, we are excited to regroup in the studio to record and produce my debut solo album THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER. We are trying to raise funding to be able to release a well-produced record and have it in CD and Vinyl formats. You can help us make this possible by making a pledge to our crowdfunding project.


Credits to 57 Studios Manila for the video.

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