Review: The World is Your Oyster – Dragonfly Collector, 2015 (Lilystars Records)

The Darker Side of Me



  1. The Tragic Story of Joshua and Fiedme
  2. There is No Remaining in Place (Album Version)
  3. Someday, Someday, Maybe
  4. Timothy, My Own Timothy
  5. Mysterium Tremendum
  6. The World is Your Oyster
  7. Until the Cows Come Home (featuring Franki Love)
  8. Dragonfly Collector
  9. The Saddest Sound
  10. Darkness is My Candle

The normal progression for many artists – recording and otherwise – is to begin as a small, independent act that works its way up the proverbial ladder to become, should it be so (un)fortunate, a mass-market success that is but a shadow of the creative original.  In the case of Clem Castro aka Clementine, formerly of Orange and Lemons and The Camerawalls, the rules of progression have been thrown out the equally proverbial window by an artist who has decided to go his own sweet way – with amazing results.

The World is Your Oyster is Clementine’s first outing as Dragonfly Collector

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