My First Encounter With The Eraserheads

Dragonfly Collector with the Eraserheads, UP Fair 1994

(From L-R: Vengee Gatmaitan, Clem Castro, Jojo Gatmaitan, Raimund Marasigan, Ely Buendia, Buddy Zabala)

This is an ultimate throwback taken during my first ever gig back in 1994 at the UP Fair as the guitarist of The Voiz (cheesy name, I know). I was a senior in high school back then, emaciated and sporting geeky glasses. This was also my first encounter with the Eraserheads. We were fortunate enough to hang out with them backstage. After a quick chat with Raimund Marasigan, I became the recipient of his notable, unsolicited advice about writing our own songs.

Although Dragonfly Collector is my solo project, brothers Vengee and Jojo Gatmaitan were my major collaborators during the creation and early song development; they were both my bandmates in high school. We parted ways in August 1995 but eventually reunited for my Dragonfly Collector project in 2013 for the release of There is No Remaining in Place until we finally recorded the album The World Is Your Oyster the following year.

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