The World Is Your Oyster CD and Vinyl Launch + Listening Party

Dear friends and constant listeners, thanks to many wonderful people who I can’t thank enough, my first solo album, The World Is Your Oyster, was successfully crowdfunded and recorded during the second half of 2014 and released digitally on January 10, 2015.

I then took the album on the road, touring the Philippines for four months armed only with a backpack and a travel guitar. By early 2016, The World Is Your Oyster was being heralded as one of the best Filipino albums of 2015 by peers and independent music critics.

While releasing the physical CD and Vinyl formats of a recording after all these steps may not be the traditional way to bring forth an album, something this good is well worth the wait. Lilystars Records and Pabrika Records Filipinas at long last are excited to deliver “the goods” you’ve been waiting for and invite you all to the official CD and Vinyl launch!

DC TWIYO launch poster 2 (fa)

I hope you can join me in a little celebration on April 20 at Boiler Room (formerly Gweilo’s Bar). There will be a vinyl listening party at 8pm followed by a string of live performances by The Gentle Isolation, Bing Austria, Ian Penn and yours truly backed-up with a full band consisting of Nitoy Adriano, Kakoy Legaspi, Vengee Gatmaitan, Jofre Nachor and Pat Sarabia. Admission is absolutely free!

To those who won’t be able to grace the event but are interested to buy the physical copies in CD or Vinyl, you can order thru my online shop at or check out the schedule of my future gigs HERE.

E-Poster design by Ige Trinidad.

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