Dragonfly Collector – There Is No Remaining Place (Video)

by vandalsonthewall
February 20, 2014 – Vandals On The Wall

Taking Dragonfly Collector’s new single into consideration, it seems to me that Clem Castro hasn’t moved to a sonic plane completely alien to The Camerawalls or even Orange and Lemons, but there was a lot more there than retaining the aesthetic appeal of his former music outfit. Clem was clearly a music thespian who knows how to make use of the brilliant space between commercial pop and outlandish indie sensibilities, an esteemed singer-songwriter whose passion for wide-eyed romanticism and ambition has been chronically overlooked all these years. Yet despite these things, the sensitive gent from Bulacan never sounded quite like any of his contemporaries, making sure that his songs move further away from what passes off in the indie music landscape as ‘trendy’ and ‘current.’

On “There Is No Remaining In Place,” the lead single off Dragonfly Collector’s upcoming album, The World Is Your Oyster, Clem sticks to what he does best: explore the sheer emotional grandeur of pop songs in the mope kind and deliver such emotional commitment in thrillingly confident form that resonates to as many people as possible. It works in the same way as “Clinically Dead For Sixteen Hours”, only that it’s grander in execution, but not tied down to a particular demographic or style.

Credit goes to his wonderful collaborators, who also happen to be veterans in the music scene: from Kakoy Legaspi to Wowee Posadas, all of which contributed individually to the lush instrumentation without succumbing to flashy gimmicks. There have been better comebacks than Clem Castro in Dragonfly Collector, but this single is another remarkable addition to his body of work, a precursor of better years to come.


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