“I don’t know the right words to say to breathe this wanting”

by Niko Batallones
December 4, 2014 – Earthings!

Sometimes you feel this guy just won’t rest, even if he’s mostly flown under the radar since his really big days all those years ago. Clementine Castro has gone from Orange and Lemons to the Camerawalls, and now, he’s releasing a solo record, tying in with his ten years in the business, under the moniker Dragonfly Collector. (So folksy.) His first single is a Jeff Buckley-esque weeper, something I did not expect from the indie pop luminary. I mean, in his previous bands he always had (and correct me if I’m wrong) kundiman-influenced pop, definitely with a touch of obscure 80s new wave-y pop. But now he’s steaming, he’s raging, and it all feels just right. You can now buy this track online, or get it for free if you join his mailing list, or donate to the Red Cross. The World is Your Oyster, his debut solo record, will hit stores in March.

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