Interview with FHM Philippines

Interview by Pong Castillo | Photo by Heidi Aquende
FHM Philippines May 2015 Issue

Former Orange and Lemons guitarist Clem Castro has reinvented himself as the Dragonfly Collector. Gents, all eyes (and ears) on him now…

dragonfly collector fhm philippines

On his first solo album The World Is Your Oyster…
It’s hard to genre tag the album, but if I had to, I would say it’s pop, kase pag pop ka, you could easily go anywhere. You have to listen to it to identify it.

On soul searching…
This album is a collection of my travel stories, where I met a lot of people and expanded my style and perception.

On spirit animals…
The dragonfly resembles change, adaptability. I think I posses the same qualities. I’m trying new stuff right now, new sounds. It’s hard to promote a new name, and it honestly feels like I’m starting over, I believe the dragonfly is my spirit animal.

On collabs….
It’s interesting because I’m playing a lot with seasoned musicians like Kakoy Legaspi and Nitoy Adriano. They are like minded people who thinks that my music is a playground for them.

On taking control..
My creativity was repressed, so now I always want to be in control, that’s why I formed my own label, Lilystars Records. Ang sarap nung creative control. If I’m pleased with myself, and people just happens to connect with that, then that’s good. I’m that kind of artist – someone who wants to please himself first and radiate that feeling to the audience.

On going digital…
If you can’t beat them, join them. Water your social networking sites, because if you don’t, you’ll be left out of the game.

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