People Asia Magazine Album Review

by Denise Roco
People Asia Magazine|February-March Issue 2015

The World Is Your Oyster
Dragonfly Collector

Breaking free from Orange and Lemons, and shedding skin away from The Camerawalls, award-winning artist Clementine Castro unveils his debut album as indie folk/pop act Dragonfly Collector from Lilystars Records. This 10-track album shows off Clementine’s poetic lyrical brilliance, remarkably intertwined with poignant music composition that pierces the heart with sincerest expositions and leaves the mind with indelible aphorisms. Never failing to stun audiences with his skill diversity, Dragonfly Collector begins with a tale full of vivid imagery and longing, followed by an epic monologue in “There Is No Remaining In Place,” and a lovelorn plea in “Someday, Someday, Maybe.” “Timothy, My Own Timothy” lights up the album with a perky tune, while “Until The Cows Come Home,” enamors with the voice of Franki Love, equally mesmerizing is “The Saddest Sound.” This album is a great addition to Clementine’s many masterpieces.

people asia album review dragonfly collector

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