Premier(e): Dragonfly Collector: “Timothy, My Own Timothy”

by Aldus Santos
January 7, 2015 | Pinoytuner/Dig Radio

I am betting this early that Dragonfly Collector’s forthcoming debut full-length, The World is Your Oyster, if people would give it the attention it deserves, will be the record-to-beat this New Year. Songwriters of Clem Castro’s caliber, truth be told, can never really produce anything awful. He’s in a different league altogether; he’s made it to that special club who can be forgiven for failed creative trysts, that tiny group whose masterful works afford them free passes on indulgent projects that simultaneously raise eyebrows and lower expectations. Thankfully, his new post-Camerawalls solo project, TDC, is devoid of any form of whimsical indulgences whatsoever, and this quality perhaps shines best in its new single “Timothy, My Own Timothy,” a loving note-in-song-form to a nephew. The song is imbued with loads of Wings-fashion major-scale optimism, its opening bassline even recalling Macca’s “Silly Love Songs,” and is the album’s sunshine-y sore thumb, with the rest of the numbers executed with a vague sliver of dejection  (such as on previous single “Dragonfly Collector”). Hooks-wise it’s a winner, though I find myself straining for a middle eight and tinkering with the occasional unwieldy phraseology. Still, any louse can nitpick on this gem but it really needs no further polishing.

Listen to the track below.   

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