how soon is now?

Life is short and we have never too much time for gladdening the hearts of those who are traveling the dark journey with us. Oh be swift to love, make haste to be kind. – Henri-Frédéric Amie

Indeed, life is a dark journey. We are certainly oblivious of the numerous blank chapters laid out for each of us, waiting to be filled with countless stories like the myriad lights of the city that if we stop for a while and move this reality to our consciousness, we will ultimately realize the control we have over our lives — how much change we can inflict; how much dullness we can retain; how much hope we can harbor; and how much love we can give.

The last decade of my life has been quite an eventful roller-coaster ride. As I look back, I can say to myself that ‘undoubtedly there is wisdom in the journey’. Some of the things I wanted to do, and to be, I succeeded in realizing; there are things I never asked for that I received. To add to that balance, I lost a lot of things as well. But I would never have written those chapters any other way — because I am living the “Now”. It came sooner than I thought it would. This is when I realized I have been trying to live my life to the fullest.

How does one live life to the fullest? I, myself, am terribly oblivious of how the ways be put into words, but with one quick search I stumbled on a Wikihow page on how to enjoy all that Life has to offer:

Seize each day. Live each day as if it’s your last and overall just do it!. Leave the past behind and do not anticipate the future. Be present to enjoy the moment.

Be adventurous. Explore, live on the edge a little and embrace new challenges. Visit new places with your loved ones. Take the road less traveled.

Keep a journal. Record your accomplishments as well as your delights. Take time to reflect on what has been previously written. Be an inspiration to yourself and others.

Love yourself. Focus on your inner and outer beauty to see the same in others. Acceptance comes from within.

Love everyone. Love the ones who treat you right. Forget about the ones who don’t. Life is too precious to be wasted on waiting for love.

Accept everyone. Be kind and courteous. Enjoy the company of others. Acknowledge their goodness rather than the differences in their beliefs.

Find purpose in life. Be selfless in service to others. Begin with your neighbor. Do charitable service outside of your immediate community as well.

Be realistic. Set attainable goals according to your abilities and talents. Consider each effort to be an attainment. Achieve one step before the other towards stability and security.

Seek balance. Understand the night and day, back and forth, good and bad in all things. Focus on good thoughts and good things will happen.

Maintain control. Be responsible  for your actions and inaction. Be true to yourself. Maintain a personal code in the situation at hand. Find common ground.

Listen to your heart and soul. Listen for advice, but be confident in making your own decision. Use your instinct.

Clear your mind. Rituals of yoga, meditation and tai chi will replenish and rejuvenate your soul to focus more clearly on serenity and happiness.

Be carefree. Desires, obsessions and possessions possess you. Free yourself of inhibitions. Make an active decision to have simple daily needs.

Laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. It releases endorphins and promotes longevity. Inner joy is beautiful!

Be flexible. Accept change as a positive thing in life. At times, go with the flow that is before you.

List a few daily goals. Meet a new friend, swim at the lake or walk in the park. Enhance your day and initiate fun!

Appreciate the little things. Take a walk around your community to experience the wonder in a way that you have never experienced it before.

Forgive yourself and others. Release your negative energy that holds you back, your past failures, embrace whatever life offers you.

Anticipate next day. Everyday is unique, like the blossoming clouds.It’s never the same, but always beautiful.

Accept death. Pondering death brings appreciation to life. Take time to appreciate the expanse and beauty of your life and our earth. Let go peacefully.

Appreciate Environment. Take a break occasionally and go for a walk. Assume that you have come from another planet. Take a fresh look at the clouds, the colors of sky at sunset and sunrise. Look at the plants, trees, leaves, flowers and how they sway when wind blows..! Look at water how it shakes and shape itself in the vessel it’s stored.. Look at numerous forms of life – insects, animals, birds and human. This exercise will clear off the dead memories and monotony that kills the joy of living.

Take actions towards resolving the root cause any bad thoughts (anger, fear, doubt, hate,…). Cancel each one out with a good thought called affirmations: “I’m over that.” “I am brave!” “I know I can do it!” “I forgive and I do not hate!” You may not be feeling the best at the moment, but you will feel better once you think about good things. Think about all of the things life has to offer, because though things may be horrible at the moment — the future holds a lot of hope. It should make you smile and not store negative feelings to be relived later.

Maintain a strong foundation of beliefs, but be humble and open to others opinions (in truth). If another person has another belief be humble and loving to show them why you believe a certain way. But, do not get caught up on little things, e.g. it’s alright to think one colour is the better than another, but it’s wrong to think massacre is good.

Make a bucket list . Make a list of all the things you want to do before you die like: learning an adventurous skill, making your kind of progress in work or sport, bungee jumping, sky diving, and ziplining, etc. You’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something.

Make friends around whom you can be yourself, ie: be true friends. Go more places with them so that you can share your joy with someone else. By being around people you will become a more understanding person.

Do all these in love, care and concern for others past, present and future. Do to others as you would want to be treated.Be happy and live life.

Express Gratitude. Recognize daily the things you are grateful for. Let your family, friends, and other significant ones know how grateful you are to have them. Share and express love while you can.

Be an Optimist. Always look at the sunny side of everything.

Discuss with good friends. Be sure to find — and build upon what exactly is affected in your lives as friends — and work upon that point only so that you will get early success.

Most of this, it seems, I do, or follow subconsciously, and I am quite happy to be cognizant of it. And I dearly hope it provides you with some moments of deep appreciation of yourself and life altogether. A fitting first blog entry.

4 Responses to “how soon is now?”

  1. Connie

    This is what worked for me:

    “Forgive yourself and others. Release your negative energy that holds you back, your past failures, embrace whatever life offers you.”

  2. Jeanne Galman

    There is no such thing as next time! Love the information trying to do it in my “ADULT LIFE” but the funny thing is when you observe toddlers and kids, when you look back when you are a kid….. the concepts are easier to do…. Agree?


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