Squeal Like A Pig

Squeal like a pig. So, squeal!

That first line gave me a jolt after a two-minute silence in the opening of the film I recently watched. The effect was similar (yet subtle) to those prank videos designed to frighten viewers by fooling them with a low audio effect with a tendency to distract and turn up the volume. Before you know it some scary visuals paired with loud shrieks or eerie audio will hit you between the head.

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. A friend recommended. The title was unsuspecting. Who would have thought it’s a vampire movie. And a very good one for that matter.

It was shared to me on avi format and I didn’t bother to look up for a synopsis. The title would suggest a love story, and true enough it WAS a love story, a drama, and a vampire film all rolled into one. It’s a 2008 Swedish romantic horror film  by Thomas Alfredson based on a novel of the same title by John Ajvide Lindqvist.

The narrative was minimalistic, but considerably excellent. The main characters, then 11-year-old Kåre Hedebrant and Lina Leandersson, are seriously commendable. I decided not to reveal more about the plot nor try to review the film especially for those who are out of the loop like me. JUST WATCH IT. It’s a beautiful film that will touch a chord and will leave enough room for you to imagine.

Eli: Do you like me?
Oskar: Yeah. I like you a lot.
Eli: If I wasn’t a girl, would you like me?
Oskar: I suppose so.

6 Responses to “Squeal Like A Pig”

    • Clementine

      It will satisfy your curiosity judging from the fact that it won the “Founders Award For Best Narrative”. Moreover a 2010 American remake of the film has been produced with the title “Let Me In” currently showing in theaters.

  1. Pherg

    I’ve seen this film I think almost a year ago… It was dubbed in english… I thought this will scare the shit out of me but I guess I’ll rate it 7 out of 10… good film though…

  2. kael bhyadogg

    i saw that film but the title was ” LET ME IN”…i downloaded it last month…i think i downloaded the original one….i think so…hehehe


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