Madness and fervency
Whipped into a tasty meringue
A single bite intended for the innocent and beautiful

Full of ardor without concession
Sugary rush of freedom, lurking
Ready to pounce with the slightest hint of a rustle

The writing is on the wall
A cliffhanger in the making.

~ Clementine

2 Responses to “cliffhanger”

  1. Antonio Guardado

    Dear Clementine:

    I used to write poetry and some philosophy in secret. This poem, and the songs Camerawalls makes have inspire me to just write them and not care of who knows it.

  2. X. D. G.

    Mellifluous, Clem. I’ve always wanted to use that word and never had the chance to till now. Sorry for not keeping my part of the bargain. I shall redeem myself somehow.


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