The John Lennon 71st Birthday Contest

On November 1, I received a Halloween treat in my e-mail from Brandon Kress of the The John Lennon Songwriting Competition which read:

Congratulations Clemen!
The following will confirm that after a long and difficult adjudication process, your song “Birthday Wishes” was selected as the Winner of the John Lennon 71st Birthday Song Mini Contest!

The contest is open to songs of peace, love, political activism, and free expression in honor of John Lennon’s 71st Birthday. My three year old birthday song fitted in perfectly. The perceptual input is too much I’m still in awe after three weeks of receiving the good news.

A few days a later a photographer friend of mine tagged an image of myself on Facebook:

Photo taken at AdPhoto during the music video shoot for “A Gentle Persuasion”. Thanks Pet Salvador!

And when you try to visit the home page of JLSC website, a nifty banner is posted.

Here’s the winning song:
Birthday Wishes – The Camerawalls

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And here’s the beautiful prize:

An Epiphone “Inspired By” John Lennon Casino guitar.

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