A Christmas Present from JLSC!

Around three o’clock in the afternoon today, I received what I consider without a doubt, the best Christmas present. Meet “Jeune” (french: to be / appear young), my brand new Epiphone “Inspired by John Lennon” Casino electric guitar, shipped directly from Epiphone Guitars at Nashville TN. My prize for winning the John Lennon 71st Birthday Songwriting Competition.

Meet "Jeune"- my brand new Epiphone "inspired by John Lennon" Casino electric guitar. Look how it shines for me!

Buying an expensive guitar is one thing, but earning it through acquired skill is another. Early training indeed precedes late earnings. My deepest gratitude goes to the people behind JLSC for the wonderful gift of opportunity and recognition and to Epiphone for sponsoring the contest. May you all continue inspiring and helping songwriters refine their craft and reach their goals.

4 Responses to “A Christmas Present from JLSC!”

  1. Jonathan

    WOW!!! and Congratulation!
    without a doubt you truly deserve that present.
    merry Christmas and continue creating
    beautiful songs.


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