A Christmas Monologue

I do not ask for selfish miracles. I’m contented with the struggles that life demands. But from a selfish point of view, I personally enjoyed meeting all the people who made relevance in my life, the places that opened my eyes, worn-out books that enlightened me, music that delights my soul. While I bark for something new, I let nature take its course. Simplicity have always ruled my life, though I admit to falling prey to some perks and passing fancies. The aphorism “less is more”, as cliche as it sounds, appeals to me.

It’s Christmas time. Sometimes I give out gifts, oftentimes I don’t. I wasn’t brought up to expect any. A simple greeting or a nod would be an adequate fix. Most of us are fortunate. Lucky to have a family, lucky to have a place to call home, lucky to be void of sickness and calamities, lucky to reside in a peaceful country. It’s Christmas time and many families in Mindanao are sick, homeless, their loved ones dead. Sendong is just one of the many names that people coined for numerous tragedies. Fires, floods, typhoons, earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, wars, bizarre happenings. Numbers increasing by the year. Earth’s birth pains perhaps?

These things are becoming easy to ignore, a trend people are getting used to. We utter remarks in our head like “That’s life” or “Life goes on” or “Glad it’s not us.” When we really think about it, if we really try to digest the suffering that surrounds us and realize how fortunate we truly are,  maybe then we’ll appreciate life even more.

Count your blessings. Twice. Thrice. A fourth even. And let’s show our appreciation. It’s in our power to add up to the happiness equation of ourselves and of others. Before our tomorrow’s are taken away, before we breathe our last. Where little things become equal to big things. It’s just a matter of appreciation. From a secular perspective, the Christmas season is the best time to do so. To life, to love, to our friends, our family, our country and our faith.

Merry Christmas everyone!



3 Responses to “A Christmas Monologue”

  1. Christine

    Your thoughts are simply admirable and infectious! No wonder you’re the one who inspired me to come up with my very first decent poetic composition. Keep Lennon spirit alive in you and keep on inspiring people with your gift. I’m so glad I discovered your music! A very merry and meaningful Christmas to you and your loved ones. More power!

  2. spitster0877

    Love the thoughts…In a way, what happened this Christmas isn’t the product of some distant God who punishes His people…Not at all, for Science realizes lately that this is but a part of Nature’s cycle of birth and rebirth…If we look at it this way, then it makes us realize that we have a responsibility to pursue for our Mother Earth’s care…

    While I know it may not make sense to traditional Christians, we have to realize that if we look at what happens as Nature’s cycle then we see the wisdom of a God who is wise to connect us to the cycle of Nature, and that we are nothing but motes of the grand equation which is LIFE and EXISTENCE…We are not alone, and I think this is a big message for us…

    And Christmas reminds us of this connectedness that we have with everything, and that God is always present in everything no matter what…If we just change the way we see things…

    Again, I love the thoughts and Christmas is exactly that message of doing something good and great for everything in EXISTENCE and LIFE…

  3. Antonio Guardado

    Those thoughts are on the same level as the first earthrise back in Dec 25 1968.


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