An Acoustic Jam at Gweilo

One thing I love about being a musician is the connection we make not only with music fans but with fellow musicians as well. Once in a while I develop a correspondence with different people here and abroad. Some of them foreign and like-minded artists.

Just last week we (The Camerawalls and Lilystars Records) had the pleasure to perform and co-produce the reunion concert of Half Life, Half Death at Club Phi in a show entitled “Requiem Rising: Evolution of New Wave“. Half Life, Half Death were an obscure Filipino New Wave/Alternative rock band active from the late 80s to the 90s until they part ways and some of the members migrated to other countries. It was one hell of a show.

Original member and front-man Alfie Mella visited Manila for a vacation. He’s been residing in Winnipeg, Manitoba for nine years already with his family. He brought along with him a Canadian violinist named Christine Mazur to join Half Life, Half Death in their series of shows in Manila.

Twice in a row they joined my weekly set at Gweilo Bar which happens every Wednesday. The last one was more of an impromptu jamming when Christine tagged along her fiddle to the gig. We jammed three acoustic tunes and two other covers with the rest of The Camerawalls. We were able to capture two numbers on video at the dimly lit watering hole. Hope you enjoy them!

Birthday Wishes – The Camerawalls (Impromptu Jam with Christine Mazur)

The Pan Within – The Waterboys (Acoustic Jam with Alfie Mella)

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