COVER TO COVER: a true blue story behind a pop song

During my heyday as the singer-songwriter, guitarist and creative director of Orange & Lemons (a now defunct outfit), I encountered some interesting projects that challenged me to deliver something different and left of center. And I seldom take interest in singing on a commercial project unless I think it suits me. One of them is the classic song called Blue Moon. A popular ballad written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart in 1934. Regal Films commissioned us via Universal Records to produce a version for a film project of the same title back in 2005.

My indie roots prompted me to arrange and perform it in such a breezy manner, almost Christmasy, as opposed to the normal, crooner type approach.  Below is a demo excerpt from the original full band take and my own arrangement of Blue Moon by Orange & Lemons which features my voice on lead vocals.

Blue Moon – Orange & Lemons (Unreleased Original Take)

Recorded at Sonic State Audio by producers Robert Javier and Jonathan Ong, this take was never released and replaced with a more  dance-able version, not to mention predictable, taking out my lead vocals on record, as per request of our record label and client with a hanging argument stating that my voice and the arrangement sounds “too high-end” for their film project. Whatever that means. :)

16 Responses to “COVER TO COVER: a true blue story behind a pop song”

  1. Malcolm

    I like this one but nevertheless, I also did liked the released version. I sense a bit of disdain over your former record label there.

  2. Kenneth

    mas maganda tlaga pag kau ang kumakanta sir.. kaya ako nakinig ng orange and lemons dahil sa galing nyo.. :)

  3. darfield

    wow… this is much better… the melody is very very good, no not good PERFECT!!! sir clem’s voice hands up … a full version of this will made my year, seriously!!!

  4. Clementine

    Thanks for the comments! I posted this version to share my work and not stir a comparison or express any dislike with the terms and outcome of the project. If that was my intention I should have done so a long time ago. I’m still happy with the commercial release and it has served it’s purpose. Sometimes a compromise has to be made for a project to push through. I just had to state the facts about it for the sake of telling an interesting story. Anyway, I’m glad you like my version. Cheers!

  5. lawrence

    pleassssssssssssssssse gawa kanaman ng buong version nito clem sobrang ganda pag ikaw kumanta i am your 1# fan galing mo!!!

  6. anna

    cant stop listening to it, i always get hooked basta clementine voice!


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