live at venice piazza

This blog entry is for those who are patiently waiting for a preview of new music, and for those who missed my debut gig at Venice Piazza last Saturday for the second leg of Shockwave 2013: Sonic Boom SUB. Many thanks to Alex Lim for the very timely invite.

Backstage after the gig. From L-R: Jojo Gatmaitan, Kakoy Legaspi, Vengee Gatmaitan and Clementine

Backstage before the gig. From L-R: Jojo Gatmaitan, Kakoy Legaspi, Vengee Gatmaitan and Clementine

This line up features the brothers Vengee Gatmaitan (bass) and Jojo Gatmaitan (drums), both my band mates during high school, which makes it a reunion of sorts. I’ve been collaborating with them for over a month now with my new songs. Kakoy Legaspi (guitars) was kind enough to join us for the first time on stage even on a short notice and without the benefit of a rehearsal to complete the sound.

We played three songs, most of which will appear in the upcoming album. We hope you enjoy watching these videos as much as we enjoyed performing them. The songs are in raw stages so I’m pretty sure it will evolve as we go along with the gigging and recording. Do follow the new YouTube channel of Dragonfly Collector, feel free to comment and tell us what you think.

There Is No Remaining In Place

Timothy, My Own Timothy

The World Is Your OySter

6 Responses to “live at venice piazza”

  1. The Eissenn

    I just want to say that I fell inlove with your music, I was there at Venice. And you guys were amazing! When the hosts says that your music has a touch of The Smiths, my favorite non-OPM band, it immediately caught my attention and, and you’re just awesome. That’s it.

  2. Just a Stranger~

    “Why then the world’s mine oyster/Which I with sword will open.” – Act II, Scene II

    You made me love Timothy through your song.

    Never stop making beautiful music. ;-)

  3. Jules

    What happen to Camerawalls? wala na ba talaga yun boss? ano nangyari sa mga kabanda mo? any plans to re-form the camerawalls? -im just a big fan.. more power!


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