fresh filter + updates

It’s already 7am in the morning as I type this. Sleepless but still wide-awake with excitement upon finishing a draft to a new song I was developing over the past few days. Can’t wait to arrange it with my collaborators in the studio.

In other news, my upcoming single “There Is No Remaining In Place” debuted last Wednesday on “Fresh Filter”, a weekly radio show on JAM 88.3 hosted by Russ Davis from 5-6pm that features new independent local music. I was also informed by some listeners that they chanced upon it yesterday afternoon being aired on the station. Sounds promising!

In relation to this, JAM 88.3 released an online poll where music fans and supporters can VOTE for their favorite FRESH FILTER tracks to be included in the regular Jam 88.3 playlist. I would greatly appreciate if you take a minute of your time to vote for Dragonfly Collector by following this link.

Tip: You can only vote once per device per IP address.

Encouraging your friends to vote as well will totally improve our chances of reaching the top spot. I can only achieve this with your help. If you haven’t heard the single yet, here’s a one minute sampler on SoundCloud:

In two days, Lilystars Records will release the single online and you will receive a free download code for the new song if you signed up to my mailing list. A gift from me to you!

The single cover art is just about done. If you like to see some teaser elements of the artwork, I posted a new blog with a photo gallery:

You can also like these photos on my Instagram for Dragonfly Collector:

I’m going to hit the sheets now. Sleepily yours. – Clementine

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