my debut single is yours for free, or for a donation to the red cross


There Is No Remaining In Place - Dragonfly Collector
My single is now available under Lilystars Records, but there are two noble things you can do aside from illegally side-downloading the track:

1. Get it for FREE by signing up to my mailing list at and sharing the news (not the MP3 track) with your friends and social networks.

2. Buy it and be able to contribute to the relief and rebuilding operations for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda because I will be donating 100% of the proceeds to the Philippine Red Cross! You can also name the price of the track and make your donation here:

If you like what you hear in the new single, let me know! Please comment on the Soundcloud track and follow me there.

“There Is No Remaining In Place” gives you a first glimpse at the new direction and sound my songwriting is now taking. This song offers a preview to my full-length album (working title: “The World is Your Oyster”) forthcoming in March, 2014

I would like to thank my many friends, family, and collaborators without whom I would never be able to give life to this project. And eternal thanks to you, my dear listeners, for loving and sharing music as I do. x Clementine


Words and Music by Clementine

Produced by Clementine and Jonathan Ong
Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Chrisanthony Vinzons
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Sonic State Audio Studio, Manila
Cover Artwork and Illustrations by Ige Trinidad

Clementine – vocals, acoustic guitars
Kakoy Legaspi – electric guitars
Wowee Posadas – piano, keyboards
Christine Mazur – cello
Vengee Gatmaitan – bass
Jojo Gatmaitan – drums

Copyright and Published 2013 by Lilystars Records

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2 Responses to “my debut single is yours for free, or for a donation to the red cross”

  1. Val Gonzales

    Glad to hear this. More power to you Clemen! Greetings from Dallas, Texas.


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