a weekend in singapore [part 3]

continued from a weekend in singapore [part 2]

December 14. It’s my third day in the city. Feeling less anxious after all the preparation and excitement for the previous night’s show at O’Learys. Now we can relax a bit. We had a late lunch at Lavender Food Square, a local food hall with small outlets that offers a great variety of Asian dishes with communal tables in the middle. The place looks like an old warehouse turned food court. Pretty quiet during daytime.

fancy coffee places

Later in the evening I’ll be performing at an art exhibit. It’s still early, so Monx took us to a couple of independent boutique coffee shops along Tyrwhitt Road.

Looks can be deceiving. Care to have some fine coffee here?

Looks can be deceiving. Care to have some fine coffee here?

The picture above is the actual facade of Chye Seng Huat Hardware, an art deco shop that houses one of Singapore’s popular coffee places — PAPA PALHETA. Aside from a coffee bar, it also boast of a roastery, a coffee school and a private coffee tasting room.

Inside the nondescript grey gate of Chye Seng Huat Hardware is Papa Palheta.

Inside the coffee bar.

At the posh looking coffee bar.

I guess the owners are Beatles fans as well.

I guess the owners are Beatles fans as well.

After a quick tour, we transferred to The Tiramisu Hero, a relatively new cafe oozing with cuteness. The concept of the place revolves around the story of a street cat with Italian decent named Sir Antonio who sports a black cape, mask and a luscious lock of black fur between his ears. His life’s mission — Tiramisu, a blend of cheese, crème and coffee became Sir Antonio’s life mission.

The concept is great, the tiramisu, tastes good. It was my first time to eat Tiramisu in a jar. For an online tour of the place visit: http://thetiramisuhero.com/category/the-tiramisu-hero-cafe/

The Tiramisu Hero

Upon entering The Tiramisu Hero Cafe, a showcase of vintage and cute items for sale will be the first thing you will notice.

Interesting hand painted ceiling.

Interesting hand painted ceiling.

Oddly, the area I found most interesting was the comfort room. Aside from hand painted walls and colorful fur balls hanging from the ceiling, there is a big ass mirror etched with a poem by Emily Dickinson which read:

If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.

With Monx for an afternoon delight.

With Monx for an afternoon delight. Flaunting pinkies.

Posing as Sir Antonio - The Tiramisu Hero. It is actually a wall installation.

Posing as Sir Antonio – The Tiramisu Hero. It is actually a wall installation.

selfie, art and morrissey

It was drizzling as we head to Lorong 24A Street in Geylang to a vacant shophouse where our friend is doing his 13th Solo Art Exhibit. It’s the opening night and I will be providing the entertainment by singing Morrissey songs upon the request of the artist. A love for something that we have in common.

His name is Michael Cu Fua, an architect by profession. He runs his own firm in Singapore, but has been painting on the side since early 80s.  His art works are in private collections all over Asia, Europe and USA and prefers to paint using oil, acrylic, ink & artist’s blood on canvas or watercolor paper. For his series of works, he was awarded in July 2012 the prestigious “Arts Supporter Award” by National Arts Council Singapore.

The title of his exhibit? None other than the word of the year — SELFIE.

The “Selfie” exhibit is the manifestation of the desire to capture the inner thoughts of people who are posting their “selfie” pictures on the internet. Adam’s and Eve’s, who indulge in this urge of taking countless pictures of themselves is a social norm nowadays. Pictures range from conservative face shots to provocative photos.

The artist wants to capture these suburban phenomena as he believes that there is meaning and relevance in documenting the moments that surrounds us. He also wants to change the mind-set of our society that “selfie” is an ill thing; this is becoming a social norm due to social media and the ever-changing technology.

Doing a selfie with Michael Cu Fua's art on the background.

Doing a selfie with Michael Cu Fua’s art on the background. Photo by Zamri Hassan.

My personal highlight for the night: first time to cover the song “I’m Not Sorry” from Morrissey’s album You Are The Quarry and singing Abba’s “Dancing Queen” at midnight to the delight of moms and kids alike, turning the space into a dance floor. I couldn’t remember the rest.

Here’s a video from that night. Clips of the artist welcoming guests and me singing parts of How Soon Is Now, Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now, I’m Not Sorry, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out and This Charming Man.

For more photos of the exhibit by Zamri Hassan visit: http://on.fb.me/1dYxunw
View photos from the artist himself here: http://on.fb.me/1f0MKW2

The 3 story shophouse was an awesome place for the exhibit. The booze was overflowing and everyone seems to be genuinely having fun. I think I had one too many.

It's been a hard days night, and we've drinking like dogs.

It’s been a hard days night, and we’ve been drinking like dogs. Photo snatched from the artist’s facebook  post.

…to be continued

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