music video shoot / site updates

Me and the my video production team from 57 Studios Manila are taking advantage of the long weekend to shoot a Music Video for the single “There is No Remaining In Place.” The destination — Dingalan, Aurora. A small but mountainous town around 200 kilometers Northeast of Manila where most of the barangays are located on the seashore.

Matawe Beach, Dingalan, Aurora

A photo of the exact beach front where we will be staying.

If you know anyone living in the area and is willing to share insights and interesting or odd facts about the town, it’s people and practices, maybe you can hook them up with us because we are also shooting a travel documentary.

For real time updates, follow my twitter account for Dragonfly Collector.

some site updates

Sometime ago I posted a LYRICS section for “There Is No Remaining In Place”. I plan to update it with a chord sheet for guitarists out there who wants to play along.

I also uploaded a couple of videos on YouTube recorded last October 2013 at 19 East by 57 Studios Manila which features “Timothy, My Own Timothy” and a new storytelling song “The Tragic Story of Joshua and Fiedme”. You can check it out at the GALLERY section.

Enjoy the weekend and have a Happy Chinese New Year!

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