a mother’s heart


There is nothing quite strange and precious as a Mother’s heart
Filled with windows, which open and shut accordingly
Providing a wide variety of air and light
A gust of joy, a ray of love,
A gale of sorrow, a shimmer of pride.
They deserve to star in fairy tales too
Have fine adventures and wishes that come true
Their best laid plans, the sacrifices they make
What was it all for, if not for you?
Oh, the monotony, you say.
But try and peek into the heart’s dusty corners
The ones you forget, the ones you hardly knew
A tender lamentation for all the things they do.
Requiring Herculean strength from within
A captive by her own care, the heart swallows the key.
So while the windows are open,
Look out for her, embrace what comes through,
A Mother’s heart, from red will eventually turn blue.

– Clementine

Image Source: From a wonderful blog by a mother and her unconditional love for her children with the same title: http://thebumpyride.blogspot.com/2010/09/43-38-mothers-heart.html

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