There Is No Remaining In Place (Remastered Video)

The creative team responsible for the music video of “There Is No Remaining In Place” officially launched their digital agency 57 Studios Manila a couple of days ago. I was invited to perform and was able to witness a newly color graded version of the video during their presentation.  Definitely more vivid and striking!  It is now uploaded in their Youtube account.

Produced by Jofre Nachor. Directed by Alwyn Uytingco

To view the original video for comparison click HERE. Check out a blog post by 57 Studios Manila about the video + behind the scenes photos.

“There is No Remaining in Place” examines the many forks on the road that all face each day. Whether it’s going down the primrose path or simply throwing caution to the wind, our decisions, and actions bear with them consequences that we must plainly accept. Invictus? Life can lead us to dark, unexpected turns, and hope that some caring/loving soul shall pull us out of the abyss into the light of redemption. Luck of the draw or divine intervention? The music video leaves it to the viewer to write their version of a happy ending. (But remember to fasten your seat belts first). – Ramon Bello, 57 Studios Manila

In case you haven’t heard the album version of the song from my debut release “The World Is Your Oyster”.

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