my banduria and appearance in a music video by Domino

Veil by Domino

My participation in the recording and music video of the song “Veil” by Domino with siblings Lally Buendia (Domino) and Ely Buendia (Pupil/The Oktaves/The Eraserheads) is something I consider as one of my firsts. My first time to record and perform a banduria/octavina for other artists, and my first time to be featured in a music video other than mine.

Although the album Mantis, where the song “Veil” appeared, was recorded and released in 2012, it didn’t prevent the Buendias to artfully produce a music video. To which I feel is more of a passion project rather than a promotional item for the album. Watch the strangely compelling music video directed Ely Buendia.

The Director of Photography / Editor / VFX Man behind the music video, Adrian Arcega, shared some behind-the-scenes photos taken during the shoot in Mt. Makiling, Laguna. See the rest HERE.

Listen to the Album Mantis by Domino, released in 2012.

Follow Lally Buendia / Domino

Catch Ely Buendia with Pupil, Domino and my band Dragonfly Collector live on April 22 at 19 East for another leg of the PUPIL Album Bar Tour.

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