Dragonfly Collector Official Philippine Tour and Music Video

In 2015, I toured the Philippines non-stop in 127 days,
visited 37 provinces, 46 towns and 40 cities,
and performed a total of 53 gigs.

I traveled a total distance of 9,006 km,
7,824 km by land,
1,182 km by air,
656 km by sea.

I have seen the wonders of my country and its people
as I traverse with a touch of madness


I am proud to announce the online release of the official tour video for my 2015 The World Is Your Oyster Philippine Tour which also serves as the official music video for the song “Dragonfly Collector”. Filmed in various locations in the Philippines for four months by my touring partner Ian Penn and edited by The Blockhouse Digital.

This is a mere reflection of what I did while gigging and commuting all over the country in whatever means of transportation available that is cost-effective. Possibly the most rewarding experience music-wise and travel-wise. I am simply grateful to all the people and venues that hosted and took care of us and assisted in experiencing the food, culture and identity of each place we visit. I hope you all find the inspiration to travel and witness how truly beautiful the country is.

Watch out for the tour photos in the gallery section plus an interactive map of my tour. 

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