“The World Is Your Oyster” Southeast Asian Tour Dates

It’s happening! The regional follow-up to my 2015 Philippine Tour is a 3-week promotional tour in Southeast Asia!

Dragonfly Collector Southeast Asian Tour

Tour Poster by Ige Trinidad

Here are the tour dates plus links to the venues and Facebook event pages:

July 30 – SINGAPORE @ Blowfish Bar
July 31 – Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA @ No Black Tie
August 3 – Bangkok, THAILAND @ Soy Sauce Bar
August 4 – Yangon, MYANMAR @ The Rough Cut
August 12 – Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA @ Show Box
August 14 – Ho Chi Minh, VIETNAM @ Yoko Cafe
August 16 – Ho Chi Minh, VIETNAM @ Yen Cafe

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Clementine’s Dragonfly Collector gets ready to soar through Southeast Asia in next month’s regional tour

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