Cover To Cover

A collection of home recorded acoustic cover songs.


Read the blog containing the cover:

* Eighties Fan – Camera Obscura

* Sense – The Lightning Seeds

* Black and White – The Upper Room

* Real Love – The Beatles

* Cocoon – The Decemberists

* It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year – Andy Williams

* Mayor Of Simpleton – XTC

I Didn’t See It Coming – Belle & Sebastian

If you want to request a song to be included in future posts, do send your compelling suggestions!

7 Responses to “Cover To Cover”

  1. Badeck


    i really love the way you sing your songs, the way you put feelings and passions on them. i’ve liked you and idolized you since NU, i’ve liked you since year 2000 [if i got it right] when your song “She’s Leaving Home” was first heared over the air [with all due respect — when you’re still w/ O&L]. I’ve a request to make [requests actually, hehe], can you please do the cover of Hulahoop by CLUB 8, and also do an acoustic of your own song “Ignore My Weakness, Don’t Ignore Me”, and post it here. That would really mean a lot to me, specially if my ex-wife would know this and hear it from here. Thank you so much and hope that you’ll find time to grant my request, though i know you’ve a lot to do. Again, thanks in advance and more power to your band “The Camerawalls”.

  2. Badeck


    good day… my apology, but i was wrong about the artist of the song that i’m requesting… it’s from Majestic and not Club 8 — pardon me for my dumbness… but i’m still hoping that you’ll find to spare some of your time to cover “Hula-hoop” and post it here… again, thank you and more power.

  3. Badeck


    please don’t get me wrong… i understand how busy you are, or maybe you just don’t like the songs that i’m requesting… if you can just delete this comments and requests that i wrote here since i think these will not be realized… thanks and more power.

  4. Josephine

    oh gosh. listening to ur covers now. particularly in love with ‘REAL LOVE’. glad to have bumped into your blog through Xiomara =)

  5. ria

    awesome covers. please do b&S funny little frog. i never get tired of hearing. thank you very much =)

  6. Rhed Malig

    You are my hero Sir Clementine, I’ve looked up to you since I was a kid, when I first listened to you when you were together with O&L, Ahh the good days, when my days just won’t let me bear a smile, I listen to your songs and I am lifted. I am also a band vocalist, for a punk band, but my heart lies with indie and songs you sing. Songs likes Its about time, Pabango ng iyong mata, I actually memorized most if not all your songs. They give me a new perspective, and no matter the time, the day, or the mood, its never wrong to listen to some camerawalls. thank you for the inspiration, i wish to someday become someone like you, writing music that will make others to sail through their seas when the world constantly gives them anchors.

    P.S. If its not too much a burden for you sir, I would like to request for a cover, Either “I am a Walrus” or “Magical Mystery Tour” by The Beatles. Thank you! This commoner hopes to one day meet you, good sir.

    • Clementine

      Dear Rhed, knowing that you connect the way you do with the songs I create gives me immense pleasure as a songwriter. Thank you! I’m pretty sure with enough drive, patience and reason you can find your way to become an impassioned musicmaker as well. Will definitely consider your cover. See you in gigs!


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