My Poems

That Tree

I found myself
surrounded with trees,
trees common
to the eye except one
that stood out
sun-streaked, enveloped
in sweet air, neglected
at first sight >>>

Green and Blue

I pray to the Sea for acceptance
I am Man
and the man-made things
I do
is but a reflection
of who I am
and what
I desire. >>>

Lily Stars

Christened with adoration is a name
That reverberates in my entire being
The be all and end all immortalized
In scrolls and songs both tragic and fortunate >>>

A Birthday Prose

When I found out about your day,
I had the grinnest grin and a sheepish smile
You are one year closer to my figure
A maneuver, though uncertain of your age
My parallel thoughts configures.
The lines that represent your youth
Your whim and playful imagination
Is now closer to my aging notes >>>

A Tough Act To Follow

Every morning
I flush my bowl
I wash my face
And look at the eyes of a happy man.
Every evening
I clean myself
And brush my teeth
And look at the face of content.>>>


Measure my love in perspective
And perhaps you’ll find
The trifling effects of distance
Your structure evokes >>>

Pagtangi at Pangungulila

Sa aking paglipad, dala ko ang iyong alaala
Aking iuukit sa matatayog na ulap
Ang nangungusap mong mga mata
At labing puno ng tamis at ligaw na salitang
tumatakas sa iyong puso at diwa. >>>


Madness and fervency
Whipped into a tasty meringue
A single bite intended for the innocent and beautiful >>>

Fix Me Indelibly

A once transient thought
Now cemented in mind
A haunting visage
That serves as a lullaby >>>

Ode To Darkness

The sun rises and sets without saying goodbye
Only leaves spectacular rays before it sleeps right before our eyes.
Silently being covered by night’s naked blanket of mystery
For sometimes only in darkness can we realize depth and significance
Of movement,
Of time,
Of people,
Of purpose,
And of infinity. >>>

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