Happy Birthday John!

LENNON lives in me. He defined the way I think, my voice, the music I create and some of my principles in life. I grew up listening to him, discovering and understanding more about his life, year after year. In my younger days I only cared about the songs he has written and sung and how his voice and melodic styling made an impact on my budding musical interest. Eventually, a deep-seated awareness of his influence on the economic, political, and psychological aspects gave a new meaning to what I feel is a profound connection to one of the greatest musician that ever lived.

The tragedy is that John Lennon graced the earth for but forty years. But a perfect storm of brilliance, social consciousness, personal pain and populist embers whipped around Lennon, leading the confused lad from Northern England to fit more life into those years than perhaps anyone else in the 20th century. For that, on what would have been his 71st birthday, we celebrate. – Huffingtonpost

John Lennon was born on the ninth of October. As a birthday tribute I’ll be singing his songs all night on my next acoustic show. Sing with me and let his brilliance live on forever!

***photo courtesy of Pet Salvador of Chiligrass Advertising

Celebrating the music and the birth of John Lennon from The Beatles era to his solo works! Gweilo Bar is located along C. Palanca St. Makati. Entrance is free. Below is a prelude and my very own acoustic cover of “Watching The Wheel” from last week’s set.

Watching The Wheels

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